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Suzu Restaurant

In 2009 Makiko Sano decided it was time to share her passion for Japanese cuisine with the rest of London and so she opened Suzu, a Japanese restaurant and bar, situated in West London.

Providing an informal and welcoming atmosphere Suzu aims to charm your taste buds with a carefully selected range of dishes. Borrowing a little from Spanish culture, you’re encouraged to select several dishes at once so that you can sample a variety of the Japanese style delights on offer.

The word ‘suzu’ means ‘long and healthy life’. Makiko believes that good food is key to achieving this goal and, in the same way that she makes sure her children eat healthily, she wants you to as well!

Suzu specialises in sushi and sashimi, offering dishes for vegetarians, vegans and those with ciliac related problems. A selection of alcoholic beverages is also on offer, including the superb Asahi Japanese beer on tap. Whether you’re looking for a place to drink with friends or hoping to impress someone special with great food, Suzu will keep you happy. All the ingredients are selected with the utmost care so you can be sure that you’re eating the best that London has to offer.



Makiko began simply by helping her friends prepare food for children’s parties. Understanding that great sushi has to be made using only the best ingredients she started working at a fishmongers to learn how to source the best fish.

As the demand for her parties grew word of Makiko’s amazing sushi spread. In 2007 she was asked to take on the sashimi takeaway counter in Selfridges. This proved to be a very successful venture and gave Makiko the opportunity to provide some of the world’s most influential people with fantastic sushi. In fact one of her customers was none other than Buckingham Palace.

The next logical step was for Makiko to open her own restaurant and finding a suitable spot near Tottenham Court Road, business began. Subsequently she decided that she wanted to keep things closer to home and so relocated the restaurant to Hammersmith Road. Before business began, the new premises were completely gutted and revamped with a brand new state of the art kitchen and fresh new décor.

With Suzu you will experience the very best in traditional and modern Japanese food. Using the freshest ingredients, dishes are prepared to order by experienced Japanese chefs. Some ingredients, by their nature, will have been frozen, however we ensure that only the very best are used.



HG Walter


We aim to introduce you to the art of Japanese Cuisine.

Our experienced Japanese Chefs use traditional techniques combined with fine quality ingredients to create an authentic experience.

We take care to source from local reputable suppliers, many of whom we have known for many years. Each one source individual specialities which ensure we offer sumptous and healthy dishes.

HG Walter is one of London’s top butchers and is family run, specializing in organic and free range meat. Based locally in Barons Court, W14, they have built good working relationships with their farmers and using skillful butchery techniques, they provide excellent quality of meats.

HG Walter is Suzu’s sole meat supplier and based on our long relationship, of over 10 years, we have absolute confidence in the quality meat they supply.




Atari-ya are the biggest Japanese fishmongers in London, supplying Suzu with Sushi grade fish. Working with them for over 5 years, Suzu respects their expertise and see their daily deliveries as an assurance for the freshest and best quality fish.


Japan Food Hall


Japan Food Hall has over 1,000 items directly imported from Japan. They can deliver to anywhere in the UK and Europe.