Delivery / Takeaway

All our dishes are freshly prepared. We do not compromise on quality, and some dishes  may take a little extra time to cook. So bear with us – its worth the wait.


Delivery & Takeaway Menu HERE 

NEW   Downloadable Menu HERE   You can see all the photos from the menu. Keep it at home or office!!

Please give us a call for order : 020 8741 1101


Please note that we can’t take American Express credit card anymore, and the minimum amount for any card payment will be £10.00. Any amount below that, will have an additional charge of £1.00. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Lunch Time Delivery

NEW Delivery area from 01.03.2016





Dinner Time Delivery





We are happy to take your order over the phone, so that you don’t have to wait and straight to collect your dishes!