Asahi beer bottle (500ml)—£5.99

A good balance of rice and starch makes this beer have a little hint of a sweet taste but it is well combined with an original elegant crisp dry taste.

Kirin beer bottle(330ml)—£4.40

It is crisp yet maintains all the rich flavor of the malt.

Sapporo beer bottle (330ml)—£4.40

With an amazingly crisp taste, a refreshing flavor, and refined bitterness – the umami (pleasant savoury taste) of the barley and refreshing aftertaste are very enjoyable.


Maboroshi (720ml)— £35.95

Hakushika (720ml)— £29.99


Soft drinks

Coke/Diet Coke — £2.00

Still/Sparkling water — £2.70

Fanta/Sprite — £2.00

Mangojo — £3.80

Appletiser — £3.80

Aloe vera Juice — £3.90

Apple Juice — £3.50

Orange Juice — £3.50