Suzu Special Rolls

Inside-out rolls

Soft shell crab rolls (cooked) — £15.99

Fresh soft shell crab katsu rolls with original spicy mayo sauce

Godzilla rolls (spicy) — £6.70

Cucumber and Avocado, mince of salmon marinated with spicy mayonnaise on the top

Salmon avocado rolls — £6.70

Scottish salmon and avocado with masago

Prawn heaven rolls (cooked) — £8.00

Prawn Tempura and avocado

Eel rolls (cooked) — £9.90

Roasted Eel and cucumber with homemade Eel sauce

Spicy tuna rolls — £9.90

Fresh tuna, cucumber with Japanese chilli

California rolls (cooked) — £8.30

Cooked prawn and avocado with mayonnaise

Pepper tempura rolls (cooked) — £7.50

Full of cucumber, avocado and spring onion

Sayo (all cooked, 9 pieces) — £9.90

3 Salmon teriyaki, 3 chicken Teriyaki and 3 cooked prawn

Chicken winner rolls  (cooked) — £7.20

Free range grilled chicken, cucumber and spring onion with Teriyaki sauce

Addictive crab rolls— £8.90

Cooked crab and avocado, cream cheese, salmon and tobiko on top

Asparagus and shiitake mushroom rolls (cooked) — £7.99


Gently boiled asparagus and grilled shiitake mushrooms