Fresh on the go!

We added many new dishes on our lunch on the go menu; they are designed to make the most of the sunshine and fill you up with fresh and light ingredients!

Come visit Suzu at lunch time and make sure to get yours!

Sushi Burrito

Sushi burritos are available for takeaway and delivery also at dinner now!

Come and grab yours quickly!

*minimum order for delivery is £20.



Sashimi! Cold! Fresh! Healthy!

Fresh raw fish, sliced into thin pieces

Sashimi slim£16.80


4 salmon, 3 red tuna and 3 yellowtail


Sashimi deluxe £24.00


5 salmon, 3 red tuna, 3 yellow tail, 2 scallops, 2 mackerel, cooked crab, cooked prawn and 2 roasted eel

Salmon lover £12.00

7 sliced of salmon sashimi with salad

Seafood lover £17.50


Freshly prepared scallops, squid, octopus and surf clam sashimi

Salmon (4 pcs) £5.70


Red tuna (4 pcs) £8.50

Yellow tail (4 pcs) £8.50

Sea bream (4 pcs) £7.00

Mackerel (4 pcs) £6.80

Scallop (4 pcs) £7.50

Surf clam (4 pcs) £7.00

Kids Sushi Making Party

Looking for a unique experience for your child? Try our sushi making class! Perfect for a birthday party.

Teacher Makiko’s website here:

  • Making your own apron
  • Can bring your own cake and candles
  • Making 3 type of sushi with sushi chef Makiko
  • Have a competition at the end to choose the best sushi chef!


-minimum 10 people – maximum 18 people,

-£28 per kids, £34 per adult  for 2 hours

-Available on some Sunday and weekday evening (enquire on booking via email:





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