Fresh on the go!

We added many new dishes on our lunch on the go menu; they are designed to make the most of the sunshine and fill you up with fresh and light ingredients!

Come visit Suzu at lunch time and make sure to get yours!

New dishes

Have you tried any of our new dishes yet?

Why not visiting Suzu and enjoy our hamachi ponzu, soy-butter scallops, tataki platter and many more!

Or perhaps call to get your order delivered right at your door!

More slots have been opened!


New sushi classes are available!

           Pick yours quickly and enjoy

           a limited time 50% discount!

Sushi Class

Weekday Evening Class Available!

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Teacher Makiko has taught the art of sushi making to more than 40000 people in the last five years – from children’s parties and classes, to adult sushi lessons

Sushi Class at Milan EXPO 2105  | Supported by Corriere della Sera Italian Newspaper

For any questions you may have about the classes, please email



Sushi Burrito

NEW  Teriyaki burger and Pumpkin (vegetarian) sushi burrito availlble!