One to One with Makiko – Private Sushi / Sashimi Class


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Makiko had Sushi Class at Milan EXPO 2015 video here   Supported by Corriere della Sera Italian Newspaper 



Suzu cooking class studio ( W6 7DT London )

Maximum 4 people - Price is per person

How long?

Approx. 2 hours


  • Teacher: Makiko Sano (Author of Japanese cookbook Sushi Slim)
  • Learn how to make sushi -Creating Hosomaki roll, inside-out roll, Nigiri sushi and Temaki hand roll.
  • Learn how to cut sashimi
  • Including rolling mat
  • All ingredients provided - We use salmon, tuna and yellowtail during the class
  • Vegan option available.



  • Please let us know 3 suitable dates/times and we will then notify you with our availability.



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    12 reviews for One to One with Makiko – Private Sushi / Sashimi Class

    1. First, a VERY VERY big thank you to Makiko. My grand daughter and I had a great time, learned a lot and enjoyed the food we made (along with Grandma who shared it with us when we got home)

    2. My husband had a fantastic day on Friday with Makiko it really did make his birthday special and he said it was an amazing experience and one he’ll never forget.
      Also, he is so excited as he can’t wait to start making this at home.

    3. I really enjoyed it.

    4. Thank you for the lovely afternoon my mother, daughter and I spent, making sushi in your kitchen, 2 weeks ago. It was good fun and made a delicious supper.
      We also really enjoyed chatting to you, sharing stories about Japan and Hong Kong.

    5. The cooking course on Saturday was very thorough. I felt I was helped to gain an understanding of all the basics including what equipment to use and where to source sashimi grade fish. The personal one on one course meant that I felt we could make a lot of progress quite quickly. It was good to learn the difference between Tokyo and more western styles of sushi. My family very much enjoyed eating the results. I would highly recommend the course to individuals and groups.

    6. My wife booked a private sushi class with Makiko as a birthday gift to me, since I love cooking, and my expectations were exceeded by far. Makiko was a great teacher and she made sure to check every sushi, every nigiri, every sashimi slice to make sure we were doing it right, and gave us a fantastic insight on japanese cuisine. She followed the process closely and we had top notch ingredients which made the experience even better. We left her kitchen with tons of knowledge and 5 boxes of japanese food for the next day. Yum!

    7. We had a really wonderful time! It was great fun and we cant wait to try out our new skill! We would definitely recommend it! We can’t fault it!

    8. The private class was lovely. Makiko was a great host and made us feel very welcome. The kitchen was super clean and open, the fish was fresh and delicious and the teaching concise and memorable. And we took home so much sushi we had to give some away! Thank you all x

    9. As a Birthday present, I asked my Grandma if I could have a sushi class as I had had many failed attempts at sushi myself and wanted to learn how to make it properly. The class with Makiko was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had and I will not forget a second of it. Being a twelve year old and in school I usually found it fairly hard to concentrate in my lessons but I listened to every word Makiko said and she has taught me and my Grandmother to hopefully one day be very able sushi makers. I didn’t think sushi would be that complicated to learn but every single type of sushi involves a different technique and I found that one of the easiest looking sushi I have seen was actually the hardest to make but with Makiko’s help I managed to make everything I wanted to make. Makiko is an extremely experienced teacher and it was very easy to ask her for help or for something.
      We spent 2 hours at her house in the basement which was extraordinary as she supplied everything we needed for the class. Everything was clean and all the fish was fresh that day and was all handled extremely hygienically. We had tons of fish so if anything went wrong we would be able to start again and I was taught how to cut the fish which happens to be one of the hardest things to do in the class. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy and my Grandmother feels the same way as she has been telling everyone she knows about the experience. I decided what sushi I wanted to make beforehand ( maki, sashimi, nigiri, California rolls and hand rolls ) and got to make everything.
      What surprised me most is that we got to take home everything we made and all the extra fish and Makiko even showed us how to cook the unwanted slices of salmon skin. We also got to keep the sushi bamboo rollers that were supplied and Makiko gave us soya sauce, chopsticks and wasabi so we could be able to eat it without buying all the food and equipment to eat it with. It was good she gave us extra because we made so much sushi we had to share it with many friends and family! Overall I would rate the class ten out of ten and is suitable for all ages so anyone can try it and they should!

    10. Thank you so much for everything. We enjoyed very much and Makiko was so great. a perfect day out in London. Hope we can take different classes next time!

    11. We were delighted to meet you and to spend an informative and very enjoyable
      afternoon in your company learning how to make sushi. You are an excellent teacher!
      Warm regards from both of us,
      Marie and Chiara

    12. A wonderful sushi course

      I booked a sushi course with Makiko as a surprise for my fiance and we were not disappointed – it was a really fun and informative two hours. We made a great variety of tasty things, sashimi, maki rolls, inside-out rolls, and temaki. There was loads of great fish and we were eating our creations as we made them and still had plenty to take home – make sure you turn up hungry! Makiko was even kind enough to ring her restaurant (which is just round the corner) and ask them to bring round some ikura after she found out that it was a favourite of mine. We took home our sushi mats as well.

      I’d recommend the course to anyone.
      Russell Woolley

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